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The London School ​

You Are The Uncommon Denominator!
Welcome to The London School!

The London School offers personalized, private education in the heart of the Forest City. We offer programs that can be customized for full-time, part-time and home-schooling students from grade 6 through 12.

​​We recognize that today’s learners must be capable of independent, flexible thinking in times of continuous change. To this end the school has developed a unique approach to multidisciplinary learning, which we believe is the blueprint for the future of education.

 Our classes and enrichment programs are based on the Trillium Teaching™ model of curriculum delivery for 21st century education. This authentic learning experience enlivens the curriculum and maximizes student engagement.

​​We offer a challenging curriculum that is committed to developing personal capabilities and capacities. Our community focus creates real-life learning opportunities designed to deepen understanding and to stimulate individual curiosity while developing critical and creative thinking skills. 

The London School is focused on not only making a difference, but on developing a community of difference-makers who will aim for excellence in everything that they do.

Our dedicated admissions team is ready to assist you, if you have any questions, please contact us today!

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231 Hyman St.
London, Ontario
​N6A 3G5